2014 Working Bee

Much Accomplished
A wonderful day, weather wise and work wise.  The day got off to an interesting start with the verti-draining tractor having to be jump-started but all went well from then on.
1. The 5th/12th Tee mob did a wonderful job.
Rebuilt the 5th tee and raised and extended the back of the 12th tee.  The front of the 12th was also smoothed down to allow for easier mowing.  All new areas levelled and seeded. Bob's measurements and plans were spot-on.
 Thanks to; Bob McLennan, Dave Muller, Kev Dunn, John Laing, Peter Scanlon, Bruce Robb.  
2. The 6th/15th Green mob put in a good day's work
Levelled, covered tree roots and seeded behind both greens and filled the drain at the top of the 8th/17th fairway.  Some spare "aggies" were planted down the eastern & western sides of the new 10th (Old Course) tee.  The track beside the 15th tee was also given some attention.
Thanks to; Bob Preece, Mick Sadler, Michael McCarten, Bob Dwyer and Tony Lakey.
3. All greens were fertilised
Thanks to Ron Walker who did a sterling job following the verti-drainer around and spreading the granules. Ron also walked the route of the new irrigation piping and worked out exact data on how much pipe was needed, where gate valves might be sited etc.
4. Irrigation Pipe
Bob Preece did the irrigation inspection after the verti-draining and found a few holes on the 8th/17th and many on the 5th/12th.  Looks like we may have to lay new pipe here and there.  Good thing we own so many mattocks and trenching shovels.
5. All distance markers were re-painted
100m, 150m & 200m markers are now much more visible, grass etc was also cleared away from these markers.  A deal of herbicide was also applied around smaller trees and all markers.
Thanks to; Wendy Gosden, Kath Jekabsons & Beryl Cole.
6. Paspallum - knows it is in a fight to the death
Rob Smithies loaded up the back-pack and walked the course to hunt down the remnants of the "Great Paspallum Invasion" of 1927.  We offered the cushman but Rob said something about exercise being good for the soul.
7. Grass
Twig cast a learned eye over the course and then set to making all the rough the same height, an admirable ambition.  A great five or six hours communing with Mother Nature.
8. Refreshments
Thanks to Elaine Scanlon who did a outstanding job providing tea and coffee and then a hearty lunch.
9. Machinery
A huge Thank You to Andrew Clement, the use of his tractor made the day far easier and allowed us to accomplish so much.
A few pics from the day.
The 5th tee mob hard at work. (Bruce multi-tasking -  giving sound advice whilst also keeping the crowbar dry)
Working Bee Sept '14
Kev gets on with it. (Working exactly to Bob's plan.)
Working Bee '14 Pic 2

Lunch (Madam Treasurer and WGDD Captain enjoy a snag, Twig calmly waiting his turn)
Workin Bee'14 Lunch1
Mick & Michael (Our two juniors learning so much about RGC volunteer work on Romsey Park and the course)
Working Bee'14 Lunch 1