2017 Results


Romsey Golf Club
2017 Results
Men - Par 72, ACR 72, Slope 124.   Women - Par 71 ACR 73, Slope 119
Saturday March 25th - Monthly Medal - Stroke & Putts

Wednesday March 22nd - Matchplay
The day began with light, misty rain, this steadily increased and despite a number of golfers assembling only two actually took to the course.  The ~25mm of rain over the preceeding days has softened the course and made the grens very receprive to well played wedges and high irons.  The adventurous two "pulled the pin" after five holes and headed back to the roms for a warm drink.  The morning's results were
Jenny Hartley (39) D Kath Jekabsons (25) - 5 up

Mon 20th March - DDGA Women's 4BBB - Yea G. C.          
It was raining lightly when Lorraine and Darlene left Romsey to play in the DDGA Women's 4BBB at Yea.  Luckily the rain stopped before they got there. Lorraine was pleased to partner Darlene and hopes that she enjoyed the experience of playing at another club.  They had a respectable score of 38 pts.

Saturday March 18th - Semi Finals Algie Mitchell & Stableford
A still, hot day on a rapidly hardening course.  All players found extra run on the fairways however, the greens held very well if shots landed on the full.  Those who "chipped and ran" often found themselves through the green and facing a difficult shot back.  Despite the heat of the day and many a variable bounce on the fairways a number of golfers turned in excellent scores.  There were a few "clubhouse leaders' until the very last group came in.  The day's winner, after well over a month away from the game, showed how important patience and good decision making are on the golf course.  The day also saw the semi-finals of the 47th Algie Mitchell Shield.  On a hot, dry day the results were;
Winner; Jim Patton (22) - 41 pts from Chris vanDerVliet (25) - 40 pts, Les Gaunt (6) - 39 pts and Kev Dunn (23) 38 pts.
NTPs; 1st - Jim Patton, 15th - John Moody & 16th - Rob Rea
Algie Mitchell Semi-finals
John Freestone (2) D Anthony Freeman (0) 2/1
John Moody (2) D Mal Mottram (0) W/O
The April 8th Final of the 47th Algie Mitchell Shield will be;
John Freestone (9) Vs John Moody (0) 

Wednesday March 16th - Stroke & Putts
The morning was already warm as the players took to the field.  As the round progressed a hot, north-westerly wind blew up making difficult conditions all the more challenging.  The greens again putted quite true so aiming at the hole really paid off.  Despite the day's trials a couple of "old stagers" took everything in their stride to card excellent scores.  the day's results were;
Women's Winner; Kath Jekabsons - 94/26/68  (Five under, that will effect the handicap!)
Men's Winner; Bruce Robb - 102/32/70
Women's 9-hole Comp; Jenny Hartley - 52/20/32
Least Putts; Kath Jekabsons - 28
Least Putts 9-Hole Comp; Jenny Hartley - 14

Saturday March 11th - Algie Mitchell 1/4 finals & Stroke
Coring the greens earlier in the week made for a very challenging round. Some greens had soaked up almost all the sand while others still have large desert like patches that players had to negotiate.  The Little Corellas seem to have decided that really only the 16th green needs their attention and they had done quite a job digging up old and new holes and chewing the cup almost out of the ground.  Still the field took this all in their stride, what else could they do? The day was one of many wind changes first from the south, then the east then finally the north and plenty of sunshine. There were a few very unusual bounces as balls caught a crack on the fairway or died where the birds had dug up the ground. Some playing in the Algie Mitchell Shield also benefited from fortuitous rebounds off trees that saw their ball end up in the centre of the fairway. Those who putted firmly, directly at the hole general got a good reward. On a very interesting day the results were; 
Winner; Anthony Lakey - 90/21/69 from Chris vanDerVliet - 96/25/71, Andrew Clement - 83/11/72 & Peter Scanlon - 102/30/72 
NTPs; 15th - Les Gaunt 
Algie Mitchell 1/4 Finals 
Scott Williams (6) L John Moody (0) - 19th 
John Freestone (7) D Neil Munro (0) - 2 up
Bob Dwyer (22) L Mal Mottram (0) 6/4 
Anthony Freeman (8) D Bob McLennan (0) W/O 
Next week’s semi finals will be; 
Anthony Freeman (0) Vs John Freestone (2)
 John Moody (2) Vs Mal Mottram (0)   

Saturday March 4th - Qualifying Rd Algie Mitchell Shield - Stableford.
The qualifying round of the 47th Algie Mitchell Shield saw a strong field tee off in hot, dry conditions.  The temperature rose to the low 30s before inconsistent cloud cover and a slight southerly breeze saw things cool a little.  The dry conditions meant all players got good value for their drives and long iron shots however accuracy was paramount when approaching the greens.  A few metres short or long required very difficult chips to get "up and down" in regulation.  Again a number of players had excellent front nines only to fall away over the closing holes.  One remarkable performance came from octogenarian Bob Dwyer who returned an excellent 38 pts however only one player was able to put together 18 high quality holes to card the top score.  The day's results were;
Winner; Scott Williams (19) - 41 from John Freestone (22) & Bob Dwyer (33) - 38 pts, Anthony Freeman (20) - 37 pts, Bob McLennan (12), Mal Mottram (11), Neil Munro (15) & John Moody (13) - 36 pts.
NTPs; 15th - John Moody & 16th - Scott Williams.
The Quarter Finals of the Algie Mitchell will be:
Scott Williams (6) Vs John Moody (0)
John Freestone (7) Vs Neil Munro (0)
Bob Dwyer (22) Vs Mal Mottram (0)
Anthony Freeman (8)  Vs Bob McLennan (0)   

Wednesday March 1st - Foursomes - Doris Chambers Qualifying Rd
Another hot, dry day in a week of hot, dry days.  A slightly smaller, yet very enthusiastic, field took to the course to attempt to qualify for the annual, state-wide Doris Chambers final to be played at Sanctuary Lakes and Keysborough Golf Clubs in October.  With the temperature quickly climbing to the mid 30C it was a challenge to maintain a good standard of play.  At least foursome allowed players to have a break.  On another hot, dusty day the results were;
Winner; Darlene Baker/Wendy Gosden (29) - 35 pts from Beryl Cole/Kath Jekabsons     

Saturday February 25 - February Monthly Medal - Stroke & Putts
Flatstick Summer Cup Part 2 of 4th and final round 
A strong field of both men and women teed off in the February Medal and the last round of the 2017 Summer Cup.  There was a gusting wind from the SE at the beginning of the day, this changed to the SW for the latter half of the round.  Most players had great difficulty controlling drives and high approach shots as the wind played havoc with any ball that was not "straight down the middle".   A few felt they had blown their chances with a poor front nine only to card an excellent score down the back nine to bring them back into contention.  In the end it down to one of the club's classy veterans and one of the club young guns to fight it out.  Among the women it was also a close race with the winner getting up by one shot.  On a warm, windy day the results were;
Men's February Medalist; Shannon Wright - 84/15/69 from Les Gaunt - 77/5/72 and John Moody - 86/13/73
Women's February Medalist; Darlene Baker - 101/25/76 from Elaine Scanlon -  110/33/77
NTPs; 15th - Darlene Baker, 16th - Mal Mottram
Least Putts; Peter Scanlon - 24, Kath Jekabsons - 29 
February Medalists - Shannon Wright & Darlene Baker
RGC-Feb Medal Shannon & Darlene
Thursday February 23rd - Alexandra Tournament
After a slow trip up to Alexandra due to the numerous roadworks, Kath, Wendy and Beryl arrived just in time to assemble and head out to our starting tees. The warm start heated up to be a hot day with only an occasional breeze. Kath played the best of the Romsey girls with a 73 net. Lunch was enjoyed before the slow return trip home. A long day.

Wednesday February 22nd - Stroke
Flatstick Summer Cup Part 1 of 4th and final round 
The morning dawned very hot and very windy so golf was going to be a challenge.  Under these conditions it did not seem to matter just how much water had been put on the greens, they dried out and hardened considerably during the round.  With the wind gusting from the NE at between 30 and 40 Kph it was a battle to keep the ball under control and the wiser, older heads who had played Romsey in these circumstances many times before brought all their experience to bear.  On another tough day on the course the results were;
Women's Winner;  Kath Jekabsons - 102/27/75.       
Least Putts; Beryl Cole - 30
Men's Winner;  John Laing - 103/31/72.                      
Least Putts; Hugh Williams - 27
Nine-hole winner;  Jan Harver - 54/21/33 C/B from Jenny Hartley - 53/20/33.     
Least Putts; Jan Harver - 16

Sunday February 19th - Relay For Life Charity Golf Day
Seventeen teams teed up at Romsey Golf Club to raise funds for the 2017 Lancefield/Macedon Ranges Relay For Life.  Conditions were good, a light southerly breeze wandered across the park and the temperature was just below 20C.  There was plenty of good natured ribbing as the teams spread out across the course with many daring predictions of just how far under par one or another team was going to score.  Teams came from within Romsey, many local sporting clubs and surrounding towns.  The 12 hole, par 45 "Old Course", echoed with cheers as birdies dropped or groans as balls ran passed the cup and the things really erupted when Shannon Wright aced the par 3, 10th hole.  Light rain began to fall as the teams were completing the final two holes however everyone was inside enjoying a traditional Romsey G. C. lunch when the skies opened and heavy rain fell.  The room was more than happy to applaud the day's sponsors "Romsey Hardware" as well as the kitchen and bar staff and the many volunteers who had worked so hard to prepare the course for the day.  All told just over $2,000.00 was raised on the day.  On a very relaxed and very enjoyable day the results were;
Winners; Cheryl's Crew - 39/5.12/33.88.
Runner's up - Aloha Glasgow - 42/7.5/34.5 C/B from TYATO 42/7.5/34.5
Best team uniform - Super Heroes
16th Runner's Up - Truckers
2017 Winners - Cheryl's Crew
2017 RFL winners
Best Uniform - Super Heroes
Best Uniform 2017
Ace on the 10th - Shannon Wright
Ace on the 10th
Saturday February 18th - Stableford
Flatstick Roofing Summer Cup, Part 2 of Round 3
The forecast was for cool to cold conditions with possible showers, the day turned out quite different.  The sun shone through and the wind blew up from the south.  Again the harder fairways saw many players well passed their usual landing zone with much shorter approach shots.  The greens were in good nick, bar the three savaged by the birds, and those who attacked the cup were well rewarded.  As with most of this month a number of players had excellent front or back nines but few could put together a consistent 18 oles.  As the round drew to a finish the day's winner sealed the result with two chip-ins for four points each.  On a cool then warm and windy afternoon the results were;
Winner; Anthony Freeman (21) - 38 pts from Peter Scanlon (29) - 37 pts, John Moody (13) - 37 pts, Mal Mottram (11) - 36 pts & Chris vanDervliet (25) - 36 pts
NTPs; 1st - Chris vanDervliet, 15th - Bob McLennan & 16th - Mal Mottram   

Thursday February 16th - Hidden Valley Bowl
A warm day with little breeze for the Hidden Valley Bowl. The majority of the field took advantage of the cheap carts that were on offer and the field moved quickly between holes. Kath, Wendy and Beryl enjoyed the day but found the water and sand challenging.

Wednesday February 15th - Stableford
Flatstick Roofing Summer Cup, Part 1 of Round 3
Despite the total fire ban the field teed off in quite pleasant conditions, a gentle breeze from the NE and a temperature in the low 20s.  As the round drew to a close the wind picked up and the temperature rose; the clubrooms were a welcome respite from the conditions.  On a sunny, warm to hot morning the results were;
Women's winner; Beryl Cole (23) - 32 pts
Men's winner; Hugh Williams (24) - 32 pts
Nine-hole winner; Jenny Hartley (20) - 19 pts  

Saturday February 11th - Stroke
Flatstick Roofing Summer Cup, Part 2 of Round 2
It was another very hot afternoon as the players took to the course and, after three days of intense heat, the fairways had hardened considerably.  Part 2 of the 2nd round of the Summer Cup had drawn an excellent, mixed, field and everyone was looking to build on their efforts from last week.  The wind began from the south but by the latter part of the day it had swung around to the SW making the final few holes a little trickier than usual.   The digging and chewing of the Little Corellas made achieving even a bogey on the 15th and 16th a very good score.  During the day a number of players put themselves into a good position but only thee men and two women were able to continue on and card a good score.   On a hot, dry day the results were;
Men's Winner; Mick Nicholls Snr - 91/23/68 from Dave Richardson - 93/22/71 & John Laing - 102/30/72 
Women's Winner; Darlene baker - 94/26/68 from Kath Jekabsons - 98/28/70
NTPs; 1st Mick Nicholls Snr, 15th - Ron Rea & 16th - Mick Nicholls Snr

Wednesday February 8th - Stroke 
Flatstick Roofing Summer Cup, Part 1 of Round 2
The field teed off on a very warm morning.  The 25mm of rain on Sunday night seemed a distant memory and the green of the fairways was rapidly withdrawing to the lower areas around the sprinklers. The 30 Kph wind from the NE brought a little relief from the heat but it also sucked additional moisture out of the course.  Going was a little tougher than last week, especially it seemed, for the men but the women carded some good scores.  On a hot, blustery day the results were;
Women's winner; Darlene Baker - 100/26/74 C/B from Kath Jekabsons - 102/28/74
Men's winner; Len Carless 109/24/85
9 hole Winner; Jenny Hartley; 52/20/32 

Saturday February 4th - Par
Flatstick Roofing Summer Cup, Part 2 of Round 1
After a hot, dry January and almost constant attention from the Little Corellas the course was beginning to show signs of strain; three greens in particular had been very seriously attacked. Nevertheless the field took to the course determined to make a good start in the 2017 Flatstick Roofing Summer Cup.  This four round/eight event competition (so two goes at each round) allows players to play in all events but only their best three round scores are counted.  The day's temperature 34C made sure that every buggy seat was filled and as the afternoon progressed more than a few players headed back to the rooms to stock up on a drink or two.  Despite the conditions a number of golfers headed up the 18th with a good score on their card.  On a hot, dry day the results were;
Winner; Mick Nicholls Snr (24) - +3, from Dave Richardson (22) +2, John Laing (30) +1, Anthony Freeman (21) +1 & Chris vanDerVliet (25) +1
NTPs; 15th - Mick Nicholls Snr & 16th - Shannon Wright

Wednesday February 1st - Par
Flatstick Roofing Summer Cup, Part 1 of Round 1
It was a perfect morning for golf, temperature just right for a relaxed stroll through the park and just the gentlest of zephyrs from the south/south west.  Being the 1st half of Round One of the RGC/Flatstick Roofing Summer Cup there was a strong, mixed field.  The recent heat had continued to dry the course so many players found their drives much closer to the green allowing for far shorter approach shots.  News of the event had spread far and wide and a number of additional golfers had decided to take on the course, and did it with class.  On a great day to be out in the open air the results were;
Women's Winner; Kath Jekabsons (29) +5 from Darlene Baker (27)  +1 and Jenny Hartley (41) +1
Men's Winner; Les Carless (25) +6 (visitor from Wales) from John Laing (31) +3  

Saturday January 28th - Monthly Medal - Stroke & Putts
Despite the temperature reaching into the 30s it was an excellent day for the January Monthly Medal.  The wind, firstly from the NW before swinging around to the SW was a fairly steady 15 - 20 Kph; it did not really effect balls in the air but did help to cool the players.  The last few days of higher temperatures had dried the rough and some sections of the fairways giving players excellent value for well struck drives.  The greens, those not dined on by our Little Corellas, continue to putt very true; their condition is a credit to the hard work of Les Gaunt, Scott Williams, Bruce & Lorraine Robb and John Freestone who have all spent time repairing the damage these little birds do.  The round saw the return of past club champion Darren Freestone, it seem like he liked the recent changes across the course!  On a hot, dry day the results were;
Winner and January Medalist; Darren Freestone - 81/12/69 from Kevin Dunn - 94/24/70, Mick Nicholls (Snr) - 95/24/71, John Laing -  102/31/71, John Freestone - 94/23/71, Anthony Freeman - 94/22/72, Mick Nicholls (Jnr) - 94/22/72 & Chris vanDerVliet - 97/25/72
NTPs; 1st - John Laing & 15th - Mick Nicholls (Jnr)
Least Putts; Kevin Dunn - 25

Wednesday January 25th - Monthly Medal - Stroke & Putts
It was a perfect morning for golf, just over 20C and a steady southerly breeze of about 25Kph.  The course was again in great nick but the annual Little Corella vandals had again been at work.  This time three greens had received their attention. Usually they spend their days digging up and eating the onion grass bulbs, the greens are just for their relaxation after a hard day in the rough!  As the field went around a number of Green Fees golfers also took the opportunity for a hit.  On a beautiful morning the results were;
Winner and January Medalist; Jenny Hartley - 114/41/73 from Leila Beasley - 114/37/77
Least Putts; Leila Beasley - 27 C/B from Kath Jekabsons.

Saturday January 21st - Stableford
Another amazing week, 36C on Tuesday, cool, overcast weather for the following two days then almost 20mm of steady rain on Friday.  The course was again in good condition and the wily old heads prepared to take full advantage. There was a 25 - 30 Kph wind from the SSW which later swung around to the S, this played havoc with the final few oles where the OOB on the 18th cost a number of players shots.  The course had soaked up the rain very well but there were a few wet patches here and there where balls plugged or picked up mud, no relief was given except fo plugged balls.  The round finished with two of the club's veterans fighting it out over the final few holes, even then it was almost too close to split them.  On another almost spring day the results were;
Winner; Les Gaunt (4) - 35 pts C/B from John Freestone (23)
NTPs; 15th - Les Gaunt &  16th - Bob Dwyer

Wednesday January 18th - Stableford

Saturday January 14th - Ambrose -Guest Day (G4aC)
After around 5 mm of rain late on Friday the course was again in top nick.  Fairways just hard enough to give good value for well struck drives and the greens very receptive to wedge and high iron approach shots.  The greens again putted very true, unless you were above the hole on the 5th or the 7th, so players who aimed at the hole were well rewarded.  The "Golf for a Cause" (Double comp fee with 1/2 going to cancer research) drew an excellent field however, the Ambrose format was perfect for the larger numbers.  A couple of teams had "skiting rights" but, as usual, actions spoke louder than words.  The day was one of great hilarity with teams cheering each other on or attempting to "get inside each others' heads" to gain any advantage.  The stakes, a glass and a few balls were certainly high enough!  The mild afternoon saw some excellent golf, on a beautiful, almost spring day, the results were;
Winners; Rob Rea/Andrew Clement/Jim Patton - 67/8.2/58.8 from Sherif Abdel-Sayed/Ron Walker/John Freestone - 73/11.3/61.7
NTPs; 1st - John Freestone, 15th - John Freestone & 16th - Rob Rea.  

 Wednesday January 11th - 12 Hole Ambrose
The 2017 Wednesday syllabus got off to an excellent start.  The weather was very pleasant, rarely getting above the mid 20's and the course was in top nick.  Teams of two or three took to the field and enjoyed their round over "The Old Course".  At par 45 this is a very tricky layout with many players coming unstuck at our "Amen Corner", three successive par 3's.  On a very relaxed morning the results were;  
Winners: Darlene Baker /Wendy Gosden/Jenny Hartley - 52/11.8/40.2 from Sherif Abdel-Sayed/Elaine Scanlon - 50/9.7/40.3
NTP; 8th - Darlene Baker.

Saturday January 7th - 4 Ball Aggregate Stableford
With the day's temperature predicted to be 34C the club's heat safety policy did not need to be activated.  Conditions meant that those in carts were hoping for a more relaxed afternoon but as the round wore on some found there was little truth in that.  The field teed off with a steady NE breeze to cool things down a little and to add just a bit of spice when shots got above the tree line.  The warm, dry air saw balls travel surprising distances providing some players  with quite short approach shots.  However, in the end the hot, dry conditions took their toll on many golfers out and it was a battle between two of the cart pairs to win the day.  The day's results were;  
Winning pair - Jim Patton (21)/Mick Nicholls Sr who celebrated his 80th birthday at the beginning of Jan, (24) - 71 points from Andrew Laing (19)/John Laing (30) - 67 points
NTPs; 1st - Jim Patton, 15th - Daniel Wright (very close to jackpot) & 16th - Andrew Laing

Monday January 2nd - New Year's Day Stableford
After Saturday's exellent golf players were looking forward to getting back on the course, having a relaxed round and posting a good score.  The 1st round of the year began with a slight southerly breeze and some light but steady drizzle.  During the round the breeze grew stronger while the drizzle dried up after the first four or five holes.  It was another exellent morning for golf and the scoring was again good.  The morning's results were;
Winners; Andrew Laing (19) - 40 pts & Elaine Scanlon (33) - 38 pts