Current Syllabus

Romsey Golf Club

The golf syllabus of Romsey Golf Club runs from January to December.  The men's and women's syllabi will include regular handicap effecting rounds (par, stroke, stableford etc), some novelty rounds (i.e. Three Clubs, North Pole Rules or Left V Right etc) as well as a number of club shield events.    

Romsey Golf Club is a member of the Victorian Golf Association (GolfVic).  The state of Victoria is divided into golfing districts, Romsey G. C. is a member of the Dalhousie District.

This district extends from Trentham in the west, to Euroa in the north and Alexandra in the SE.  Each year the Dalhousie District pennant golf competition, men and women, runs for six weeks, usually during March and April with the finals in early May.

Romsey Golf Club members are also encouraged to represent RGC at any of the many Dalhousie District events, DDGA Club Open Tournaments, Bowls and other events run by clubs within the district. 

The men's and women's syllabus for Romsey Golf Club, Dalhousie District Golf Association and Dalhousie Veterans will give everyone a clear idea as to when and where, various competitions are being played.



A - The 2017 Romsey Golf Club Syllabus

RGC-Men's Syllabus 

RGC-Women's Syllabus

B - The 2017 Dalhousie District Golf Association  Syllabus

2017 - DDGA - Men's Syllabus  (While this Syllabus is marked DRAFT it has now been confirmed as the 2017 DDGA Men's Syllabus)

2017 - DDGA - Women's Syllabus

2017 - DDGA - Veteran's Syllabus

C - Pennant Golf 2016 (Due early March)

2017 - RGC Pennant Draw